S.T.F.I.A.M. is a Simple Technically Informed Friend In A Machine. Knowledge that would be useful for this project are experience with:   Soldering, Using a multimeter and Basic electronics. In this Instructable I will show you how to make Stifiam (a robot I made)including all the steps I took to design and make.

Step 1: Designing: Deciding

 Since this is a delicate and fairly expensive project doing lots of designing and background research is good cause it might just save you some trouble. First start with the overall function/goal and structure/looks, if your not sure what to make or what it should look like look at robots made by other people, try to find a problem that your robot would be able to solve or ask people nearby for inspiration. With stifiam I found the old picture above I had drawn when I was young and decided I would try to make stifiam look like him and  he would be self charging when needed, had emotions and he could make sounds. I also decided he would be standing on some mobile platform so that he could move, his height would be as big as a cat and bigger than his width .After deciding the goal and looks lets divide the robot into parts so that its easy to organize and build. You will most likely have a sensors, motors and some sort of controller that's why I like to divide my robot into sensing, moving and controlling.

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