The Desert Buzzard Knex Gun





Introduction: The Desert Buzzard Knex Gun

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this gun is a slide top powerful true trigger gun!!! with what I think is a new handle!!! I think you made a good choice if you are building

Step 1: The Handle

1.make thees!

2.then continue making them until its to the desired
size ,try not to make it full it is very hard to get them off,
if the handle must be longer use gray rods

3.make the bottom of the handle

4.then flip it over and make another one

5.push thees in to make it stronger and more comfortable

Step 2: The Ram Construction

1.make thees the letters show witch parts I am talking about later
2.take A and B and connect them together
it is kinda hard but it makes it rely strong
3.take C and A,B together and connect them as shown
4.a substitute picture for 3
5.a substitute picture for 3
6.connect D as shone

Step 3: The Slider

1. make this
2. then this
3.connect them both

Step 4: Trigger

1. make these
2. put 1,2 and 3 together
3. put the 3 4s on

Step 5: Barrel

1.make this
2.bullet lock
3.using a broken one
4.what you do without a broken one

Step 6: The Holder this
2.different view
3. flipped over

Step 7: Put It All Together you have thees parts built

2.take B and F and connect them as shone.

3.closer pic
4.take what you have built and C put them in this position

5.front connection

6.back connection

7.put E the handle on

8.helps to see how handle is connected handle

9.take D and slide it into the holes in the gray connectors

10.another view

11.put the A ram in that hole

12.rubber bands for the ram and trigger



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    Nice 5*, also can I use you'r handle please (I'l give credit), It's not exactly the same but looks similar.

    6 replies

    You don't need to ask. Read the license.

    I'm not thick, but people will just say that I stole the handle. So I have asked just to make sure.

    Thanks haha it was my bros design

    Why thank you.

    no prob
    might build it when i get the chance

    Any size knex rod.

    Thanks man!

     akimbo! cooooooooooooool


    can u make a clip and a longer barel plz