The Dreadnought




Introduction: The Dreadnought

this is a couple of mods i made to  182515
try to build it from the pics
New  turret rifle.



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    thank you man unlike my mods to the rangers and my dark eagle this is my best one yet but i did started with a really good gun first and just started to add and remove parts till i ended up with this

    Awesome ! Please tell me this is posted

    yes go here to make it sorry it's not very good it normal do slidshows link here go here first to build the base gun

    thank you a lot of your guns are Epic! too


    Sweet, very nice. I really like it. Foregrip is sweet, as is the trigger guard. What are those things under the stock?

    You might be able to get more range out of it if you remove the barrel in front, it should only slow the bullets down this way. Just my advice.

    extra ammo and i modded the barrel and made the opening bigger

    Awesome! If you made the side of the barrel open, you could use red rods, or any for that matter. Keep up the good work!