TheDunkis Mini Tds


Introduction: TheDunkis Mini Tds

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good small pistolworks fine and i give creidt to TheDunkis

Step 1: Trigger/ Ram Holder

follow the pics
srroy about dark/bright pics

Step 2: 5 Round Mag

followthe pics

Step 3: Barrel

follow the pics

Step 4: Assembly

assembly steps



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    i found a way to make it even smaller. just use a blue rod with an orange on one end and a red on the other. it also makes sure the ammo comes up level :)

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    That appears to be a Colt .25. Personally, I would take a Glock 28 over a .25, though. Larger calibre and capacity. Albeit at a slightly larger size...

    Are you 21? Last time I checked, you had to be 21 to own a pistol; but I am not sure whether you can even own such a compact pistol in New York.

    Well, I'm 13 and own a Tanfoglio GT 27 pistol that my uncle gave me. It is .25 caliber,too.

    Yes, and I still "play" with K'nex!!!!!

    Brings back memories....

    Comp gun in NY????

    Everyone in Manhattan has a Derringer*K'nex gun idea* or a .25!!!!

    I would have thought that most college students had better spelling and grammar... Although your errors are far less than those of other people. Your only mistakes appear to be the over use of punctuation, errors with punctuation, and capitalization. Pretty good, over all.