Picture of TheDunkis mini tds
good small pistolworks fine and i give creidt to TheDunkis
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Step 1: Trigger/ ram holder

Picture of trigger/ ram holder
follow the pics
srroy about dark/bright pics

Step 2: 5 round mag

Picture of 5 round mag
followthe pics

Step 3: Barrel

Picture of barrel
follow the pics

Step 4: Assembly

assembly steps
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knexwanabe5 years ago
stop changing things !
what i never change any thing
i found a way to make it even smaller. just use a blue rod with an orange on one end and a red on the other. it also makes sure the ammo comes up level :)
speaking of which, what DOES it fire, anyway?
I made my gun even smaller. Also it can use a red and orange connector on a white rod... It fires dark grey connectors.
Mini-er TDS
sy THAT i what that thing fires... tried for six hours to get green rods to fit into it...
Whaleman6 years ago
Reminds me of a Colt .25.
reminds me of a
That appears to be a Colt .25. Personally, I would take a Glock 28 over a .25, though. Larger calibre and capacity. Albeit at a slightly larger size...
It was SUPPOSED to be a .25!!!! lol I'm gonna be getting a 25 soon!!!
Are you 21? Last time I checked, you had to be 21 to own a pistol; but I am not sure whether you can even own such a compact pistol in New York.
Pbyrd Whaleman6 years ago
Well, I'm 13 and own a Tanfoglio GT 27 pistol that my uncle gave me. It is .25 caliber,too.
Aw, I love those! You're lucky, do you know where he got it?
He bought it off of one of his buddies that was bored of it.
Those are fun, how do you get bored of it?
Yes, and I still "play" with K'nex!!!!!

Brings back memories....

Comp gun in NY????

Everyone in Manhattan has a Derringer*K'nex gun idea* or a .25!!!!
I would have thought that most college students had better spelling and grammar... Although your errors are far less than those of other people. Your only mistakes appear to be the over use of punctuation, errors with punctuation, and capitalization. Pretty good, over all.
Eh, whatever, it's the Internet.
reminds me of a Colt .1.

Why, I had no idea such a thing existed! Please, do post a link.
no, it doesn't. just a joke, lol
combatknex6 years ago
toos small for my hands
DrWeird1176 years ago
is that a broken orange in pic 2?
yes the end tabs are gone
does it still work if I use a 1 slot grey connector
yeah, but not as well.
Actually, the gray piece won't go far enough up into the barrel to block the ram.
if you use it with a black hand it will but it won't be as strong...well for the mini versions of the TDS it should be strong enough to support a lot of rubber bands.
this is awesome! I Made 2 5/5

this is a good gun!=

grr.. Someone tell me how the trigger mechanism works, i cant get it to fire :( yes. I am new to k'nex guns.
for some help ask the dunkis he made the gun
Will do. cheers.
knexguy6 years ago
Lol, the first decent small gun I have possibly ever seen...
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  knexguy6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
I'll join, I love MCR, but this is still spam.
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  knexguy6 years ago
A post that is not on topic and/or to promote something unrelated. This last example is also called advertising. considering my only goal was to make my TDS smaller I thought it wouldn't be very good.
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