this skewer gun is so easy

Step 1: What You Need

all you need for this is a straw,a water ballon,a rubber band,and a skewer.

Step 2: How to Build

to build this,get the straw and slip the ballon over one end, then wrap the rubber band around a couple times so it looks like this
well not really, you hold the straw put the skewer in and pull back then let go
Looks simple
dont build it after 50 shots it ripped threw the straw and nearly went threw my thumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
than ur failed :/
than ur failed :/
5 things:<br/>-what's the effective range<br/>-what's the maximum range(regardless of accuracy)<br/>-what's the accuracy <strong>within</strong> the effective range<br/>-what's the maximum penetration on cardboard<br/>-and what range is the maximum penetration in<br/><br/>Please send a video to convince me :)<br/>P.S. sorry for the length of the comment <br/>
1'st not sure about it propubly 2-15 meters <br />2'nd its about the water bomb for me it was about 20 meters and it hitted wall <br />3'rd no idea :/ <br />4'th about 1/5 inches its about power,skewer and cardboard's thickness <br />5'th dunno :/
then you blow up the water balloon hold it and then put the skewer in and let go right?
I made one 2 years ago but a dremeled of the head of a screw tape the end to fit the barrel and shot it. the air made it send and keep stair. i also added a tank i fill with air and a valve.

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