Introduction: The Egg Absorbant Shirt

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I got this idea from the Encyclopedia Of Imaturity, so most of the credits go to them. For this instructable you will need a long sleeved shirt, an egg or a water baloon and three people.

Step 1:

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Tie the sleeves of the shirt off and bring yourself and two other people outside with the shirt and the water baloon or egg.

Step 2: Do It!

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Have the two other people hold the shirt upside down pulling the front part of the shirt down about six inches. Now comes the fun part. Stand back about two yards and throw the egg in between the person who is holding the front part of the shirt down and the bottom of the shirt (or in between the two pieces of paper in the picture). The egg should not crack and should drop down into the shirt. Isn't it cool?


I'd love to see a video of this!

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