The Elite Utility Flatbed Truck


Introduction: The Elite Utility Flatbed Truck



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    Can u make an instuction one please

    Looks quite kool. Nice bodystyle, tandem rear axle, rides low to the ground; gives it a custom feel to it. 4.5*

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    thank you it took me yesturday and this morning to finnish it and its one of my fav modles i have bulit.

    Yeah, like my eariler rally cars, it would take about 3 days to get it perfected.

    lol but with me it has to have a lot of details and if i don't like some thing on it i will restart it or stat new, i am a little perfectionest.

    thank you and check out my instruction for The boss truck an flat bed truck suspension note they are not instuctions for them only the suspension.

    no prob =D kool