The Female Christ, Sophia





Introduction: The Female Christ, Sophia

About: im an avid cosplayer, who works in cardboard, paper mache, foam, resin, fibreglass, electronics and plastic pipes. im a gas fitter by trade and can fix any boiler, fire or appliance and i occasionally creat...

This is the Gnostic personification of wisdom, based on the image on the front of a book im currently reading, called "JESUS AND THE LOST GODDESS". Ive included pictures on different textured backgrounds to give a varied comparison of setting.

Its made from a marvel legends psylock figure with a loin cloth fashoned from the belt/sash then glued onto a cardboard ankh (or cross ansata) then sprayed up with plasticoat brass, and the ankh, hair and loincloth were touched up with antique gold enamel paint.
it looks great as a stand alone wall hanging or Gnostic centre piece on an altar.



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    An I buy this to wear please?

    People who thinks this is disrespectful or shameful are not nice. And I'll flag you as such. (I already did)

    cool... is this a concept for a larger piece?

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    maybe when i have a larger house, but for now it looks nice on my wall.