Introduction: The Fire File

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in this instructable i am going to pimp my mini file withe some red hot flame`s , the file was in a pretty good shape but it just looked like it needed an upgrade in sir. Woodster style : )

this is not really a serious project but more something to play around withe your painting skills

Step 1: Sand of the Laqeur

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in this step i mounted my file in my drill. i did used some tape to protect the jaws of my drill .

This way i speed up the most annoying part but you can do this by hand

Step 2: Add Some Primer

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i used some primer to get the best color`s in later steps .

this step was simple because i only had to shake , spray and wait 30 min

Step 3: Add the Base Color

Picture of Add the Base Color

this step is similar to the last step only now you swap the primer with your colored paint of choice

Step 4: Draw and Paint the Flames

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i first drew my flame design on the base color , than i used some yellow acrylic paint to on the flames.

Step 5: Paint the Outlines

Picture of Paint the Outlines

i used a special line paint tool to make the outlines of the flames withe black paint.

all that is left to do is put on a few layers of lacquer .

unfortunately my camera stopped on this point ,sorry for that :(

anyways until the next instructable

sir. Woodster


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Bio: I like woodworking and making things
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