Picture of the fun, surprising, exploding gift box
This will probably not be so fun or amazing if you give it to your grandmother and she has a heart attack, but other than that you will be a Christmas hero.  Really easy and relatively quick to build and cost $3 at the dollar store plus some stuff I had lying around the house.  Also can be used for birthdays and other occasions.

As usual I've embeded the video from my podcast here.  I also have embeded video of my son opening the box on christmas morning.


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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need 2 mouse traps for this, I got a package of 4 for $1
A box that will fit the two mousetraps on the bottom. $1
Some mini bows, christmas confetti or anything light and christmasy that won't take an eye out. $2
Some thin strong thread
a small scrap of steel used as a weight
scissors and/or exacto knife
glue - i used a hot glue gun

not shown in picture-
Some scrap cardboard from your recycling bin
tape - i used some clear and some duct tape
a bit of wrapping paper

fluoro95 years ago
 Really good idea! But it's totally safe?
dave spencer (author)  fluoro95 years ago
Everything in it is so light it could not do any damage.  I also set it off on myself at chest height.  Normally people open it on their laps.  I will try to get the video up soon of my 7 year old son opening it on Christmas morning.  I obviously would not put him in harms way.
dave spencer (author)  dave spencer5 years ago
video is up.
8bitprodigy5 years ago
 even better, attach the string to the gift card, so when they take it out of the box it activates the mousetraps!
dave spencer (author)  8bitprodigy5 years ago
I would be worried that the traps might hit their fingers even through the false floor.  You would not want to take a chance of this hurting someone.
Adum245 years ago
This is kind of like my surprise rumbling box. This is pretty awesome,though.