This will probably not be so fun or amazing if you give it to your grandmother and she has a heart attack, but other than that you will be a Christmas hero.  Really easy and relatively quick to build and cost $3 at the dollar store plus some stuff I had lying around the house.  Also can be used for birthdays and other occasions.

As usual I've embeded the video from my podcast here.  I also have embeded video of my son opening the box on christmas morning.


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Step 1: Materials

You will need 2 mouse traps for this, I got a package of 4 for $1
A box that will fit the two mousetraps on the bottom. $1
Some mini bows, christmas confetti or anything light and christmasy that won't take an eye out. $2
Some thin strong thread
a small scrap of steel used as a weight
scissors and/or exacto knife
glue - i used a hot glue gun

not shown in picture-
Some scrap cardboard from your recycling bin
tape - i used some clear and some duct tape
a bit of wrapping paper

 Really good idea! But it's totally safe?
Everything in it is so light it could not do any damage.  I also set it off on myself at chest height.  Normally people open it on their laps.  I will try to get the video up soon of my 7 year old son opening it on Christmas morning.  I obviously would not put him in harms way.
video is up.<br />
&nbsp;even better, attach the string to the gift card, so when they take it out of the box it activates the mousetraps!
I would be worried that the traps might hit their fingers even through the false floor.&nbsp; You would not want to take a chance of this hurting someone.<br />
This is kind of like my surprise rumbling box. This is pretty&nbsp;awesome,though.&nbsp;

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