Jury Rigging a Flamethrower




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Introduction: Jury Rigging a Flamethrower

This explains how the jury rigging works. This is a flamethrower that is incomplete (fuel tank missing) and found a way to launch flames even without a tank. If you guys want a full instructible on the flamethrower post in comments or PM me.

Step 1: Filling the Quote Reservoir

not having a tank to put gasoline in, using the black tube as a "resevoir" we can put a small amount of fuel that will be pushed out the barrel.

Step 2: Adding the Pressure to Push the Fuel Out of the Black Tube



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    did a water test today with a new nozzle. shot 30 ft @100psi

    I will do one when I have the time.

    Looks dangerous, but kind of fun. What exactly is this? A one-shot flamethrower?

    (It would help if your title was a bit more descriptive, and if you added a bit of written description in the intro, that would also help people understand what you've made.)

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    ​Very sorry about the rushed instructible. It was made for a friend who did not understand how I could shoot it without a fuel tank. This was done because I could not wait to fire it, so it was jury rigged to have a little fun while waiting to find a fuel tank. And you are right I should add more detail. (perhaps I will do a complete instructible on the entire flamethrower.)