this is a 2 in 1 instructable because i don't want to make to instructables
this are the snipers from my forum
i used the rail from ironman on both of them
they both got the size of a yellow rod mag
they shoots around 80 too 100 feet
used a lot of pieces i don't want to order them sorry for that
first is there the m21
if you want to make the l96 go to step 7

Step 1: Plates


Step 2: Put the Plates Together


Step 3: Rest of Barrel

follow again

Step 4: Trigger ,removeable Scoop ,mag and Ram

there are
sorry for that

Step 5: The Stock


Step 6: How to Put Your Hands

give a good look to those pics before you shoot with it

Step 7: Intro Knex L69

so the l69 make this if you want
it has a retractable stock
and removeable scoop

Step 8: Parts of the L96

make all those things
the ram and the mag are from the m21

Step 9: Plates


Step 10: Put the Plates Together

follow the pics

Step 11: Insert the Mag the Stock and Trigger

there is nothing that i have to say about this step so just follow the pics

Step 12: The Barrel

it's better to tape the barrel on the white rods

Step 13: Ammo and Mag Pusher

make and add this
also add the ram

your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M21 fail.
where are bipod instructins <br>
Can you do a piece list please?<br>I wanna make the m21 but i dont know if I have enough pieces.
amazing gun but you should seriously say BROKEN PARTS because ive just got to the trigger and i dont want to brake anything
dont cry
lol removable scoop! :)
&nbsp;i found it jammed loads
I want to make the M21 and turn in into a slingshot gun. :D<br />
&nbsp;Hey, whats 0.5 mean?
the half of one plate
so ur suppose 2 make 2?
yes , you must put tape , ( on every gun that shoot farther than 7 feet )
how to make 2 guns?????????
do you have to put tape??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
they should make a movie about you that's called the knex killer
ive built the gun-looks awesome btw(100 times cooler than knexsayer) cant figure out where the ram goes,the trigger sytem is too close to the end of the barrel, so the ram is almost completely out of the gun, and there is nothing to support it-also, the front of the gun bends upwards a little-shouldnt matter, as long as the ammo doesnt hit anything becos of it- pleas reply
then move the trigger if you can
Anyone made these yet should i make the m21 or I96
where do u ad the rubber bands
How do you have to load and shoot???
i think im gonna build the m21 with ironmans mag , good idea?
great guns! takes quite a few pieces tho you didnt spell scope right either got a laugh out a that
AWWW, I thought no one had built a M21 before, I was gonna build the 1st, o well
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will build it!
you wont have enough pieces
tooo many pieces and didnt understabd the boxes used to explain....but it looks awsome. can you post a video????????????
am I, like, the only one on this site wer ist nichts Dutch?!?!
looks cool and all but shoots 3 feet
these kind of guns need a lot of rubber bands to shoot far, unlike smaller and shorter pistols (block trigger or otherwise)
piece count?
I can't fellow this pictures.... can you tell my by witch picture I will have to connect or build.... oh and nice gun
how many green conectors are there?
how you put the scope on it
hi can someone plz tell me where you put the elastic bands on the M21 and thank you contact asap plz
i didnt find the pictures to be very imformative causethey were blurry and i couldn't see whatyou were talking about. but i eventually made the gun and it worked amazingly. great instructable.
hello dutchwarlod, do you plaese send how much pieces you need 4 the m21 ? bye
does the m21 use hinges then?
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You know u just made that up! Its not really registered by instructables
thank you very much
Sorry. The link was faulty. Click <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/THE_10_BEST_KNEX_INSTRUCTABLES_OF_2008/">here</a> for THE 10 BEST KNEX INSTRUCTABLE OF 2008. (and the beginning of 2009)<br/>
can someone please make a piece count for the m21??, because i dont think i have enough yellow and white conectors.
all I know is you need 199 yellows and you can swap nearly all the whites for blues
Just a sugestion, but you messed up step 7. I think it should be the I96 in the title. You have the I69.
So do you have an exact number of pieces used for each gun? That would be very helpful. (I'm going to buy some more knex tomorrow and I want to know what kind to buy.)
no i'm have that
A couple of questions... Which one uses less pieces? Which one is more powerfull? Does either one use hinges? (not a big problem I ordered some and they should be here tomorrow!)

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Bio: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)
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