Introduction: The Knex Trike

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pretty cool it think easy to make good little model for just leaving round the house enjoy

Step 1: The Front Forks

Picture of The Front Forks

eassy to follow

Step 2: Fork Clamps

Picture of Fork Clamps

easssy to follow

Step 3: Mid Section

Picture of Mid Section

the seat easssy to follow

Step 4: Rear

Picture of Rear

easssy to follow

Step 5: Assssembally

Picture of Assssembally

easssy to follow man i got to stop twitching on that button


Mr. Muggle (author)2009-10-30

Why don't you make your vehicles a little bigger, people would like that better.

callumlewin (author)Mr. Muggle2009-10-30

yeah but this was jus somet i made when i was bored

Mr. Muggle (author)callumlewin2009-10-30

then why did you post it, no offence but you only gotta post your very best work

callumlewin (author)callumlewin2009-10-30

and everytime i try to make them bigger they dont work and they look crap

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