Picture of the lady bug
this purse is knit on size US 15 circular needles (16 inches). the original pattern has knit handles as well, but i used plastic ones. the yarn used was galway chunky pink wool and patons worsted weight brown wool. the pattern calls for beads to be knit in as the purse is made. however, after felting, i sewed beads around the top instead of knitting them in.
lady555 years ago
Hi, Please could you send me the pattern.  Love it.  lynne_johnson@fwuk.fwc.com.  Thank you very much.
Nice! What is that thing you used for the handle?
bacone (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
thanks for all of your comments! the handles are just plastic guys that i found at joann fabrics. they're a turtle pattern.