"the Monolith" Mod, Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table - Tsp





Introduction: "the Monolith" Mod, Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table - Tsp

the frame of this coffee table is made from plywood. it could be "skinned" with just about any material. this is the second time i made this piece. the first one i used thin short "scraps" of reclaimed wood and assembled it patchwork.

this table is 4-foot square (butcould be any size) and features hidden storage. for a simpler version, just make four, solid sides. remember, when assembling the plywood sub-structure, you don't need to do fancy joinery or miters on the edges as none of it will be exposed.

since i work exclusively with reclaimed (unfortunately the plywood was new) i chose glue and square-cut nails to assemble the top layer, part of the look and a simple joining choice for "clamping" the boards together while the glue dried.

i treated the top with a two-part epoxy ("bar-top") to fill in some of the cracks and gaps, and help "glue" it all together. i then sanded off the shiny surface it creates (wear a mask!) and finished with a couple coats of satin, low voc water-based poly.

thanks for watching and feel free to check out my youtube.com/timsway channel.

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    That's a gorgeous coffee table, it matches the room perfectly!

    thank you! i usually avoid staining but the customer really wanted it dark. when i delivered it i knew they were right ;-)

    be good,