hi guys.I know some of you may know this home trick,but I decided to start my instructable account with it.
so let's get started !

Step 1: All You Need !

I think it's very simple and it doesn't need any special item ... just gather anything you see in picture:
1. some paper clips
2. some USB cables

Step 2: Attaching the Clips

just attach the clip and like the picture ... then it's ready to go !

Step 3: Putting the USB Cable Through the Clips

Step 4: Add As Much As You Want !

Step 5: Last Words ...

OK guys if you liked the trick hit that like button, I really like this app and I will be posting some new home tricks soon. thanks for reeding.
You can also try it on your flat screen, or your keyboard side.<br>Nice hack !
Hi,thanks for reading ?, yes ur opinion is so useful.
Hi,thanks for reading ?, yes ur opinion is so useful.
<p>So extremely useful! I use this for a lot of my cables at home! </p>
hello,thanks for comment and like!I love the simple things. I believe the most simple is the best.

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