Introduction: The Paper Clip Wiligig

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this is a super simple 4 step toy, you only need tape, a paper clip, a pencil eraser, and a pocket knife. If made correctly, this toy will spin for a good second on the floor after coming down. lets get started!

Step 1: The Paper Clip

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take a paper clip, and set it flat on a table (counter, whatever). now take the small inner loop, and at the half way point, bend it up 90 degrees. so it looks like this: _I_ (in a rough sense).

Step 2: The Tape

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now, flip the paper clip so that the bend is down and put 4" of tape, folded over, on opposite sides of the flat piece, one piece of tape on the right side, facing away from you. and one piece on the left, facing towards you.

Step 3: The Eraser

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now cut a small hunk of eraser, and make a parallel grove on two opposite sides of the eraser. slip the eraser in between the two sides of the small loop, making sure the sides go into the notches, and volia! you're done!

Step 4: Fly It!

drop this from as high as you can, then tell me how it works! Don't get dizzy! :-D


gtoal (author)2014-04-04

Just FYI the word is "Whirligig".

rooster1998 (author)2009-02-19

you are unclear on step 2

yamar35 (author)rooster19982009-02-19

sorry, i forgot i even did that instructable! I had hoped the picture would be fairly self explanatory, guess not! this was just meant to be a fun little doohickey that would take about 1 min to make. I am going to make a second, better instructable on it sometime in the future, so don't worry... this was a first try after all!

rooster1998 (author)yamar352009-02-20

why dont you edit this one?

yamar35 (author)rooster19982009-02-20

I did not know you could. That is the reason.

kmelon (author)2008-09-15

pretty cool, i twirls on the spot when it lands

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Bio: I'm an inventor, that likes to blow stuff up! And lasers, lasers are cool.
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