Introduction: The Paperbag Thing

this idea is not one of mine, i only seen it in a movie(bomb the system), but it´s that junky i gotta share it here.
get yourself a paper shopping bag
pick your favourite stencil & print it on the bottom
cut it out
go shopping



biofueljunke made it! (author)2010-03-13

stealth graffiti win

11010010110 made it! (author)2008-10-23

i'd cover the bag from inside with plastic and the bottom with scotch tape before doing it the paint from inside soaks into the bag (even when small quantity) and gets visible from outside

n00b001 made it! (author)n00b0012010-01-19

Nawww, if you did that all the paint would just pour out of the bottom, giving you splats and dribbles.... I imagine you get this anyway but more so if you made it waterproof on the inside.

joat_mon_99 made it! (author)2008-12-21

of course, no one would hear or smell the spray paint... it's special ninja spray paint

YUPPERS made it! (author)2008-04-02

This actually does work I've done it in the past and still haven't got caught.

Junkernaut made it! (author)2006-10-16

It would be even cooler if you could set a timer on the spray can and then leave the bag. That way you dont have to stand there and get caught.

dustin_grey made it! (author)dustin_grey2008-03-23

So you rig up something that gets destroyed once they find it? I'll take my chances getting caught.

AnarchistKid made it! (author)2008-02-10

imagine doing this with a box, but instead of a stencil, make a foam cuttout stamp, wrap it in plastic, put it in the box, put plastic inside, soak with ink, walk around, and just press it down, make a stamp and leave.

Psychopump made it! (author)2007-03-28

A truly inspired idea! I'll be heading off to the local mall in about 20 minutes - lol!

onlyonebowman made it! (author)2007-03-02

awsome idea

kennytatheguy made it! (author)2006-10-08

I agree with stormed, INGENIUS!

HALOSLAYER93 made it! (author)2006-08-30

i think the bag is better than the backpack....its simple to make and is very secretive..just make it look like ur going thru ur bag

clrcdd made it! (author)2006-08-10

yeah... thats a great idea... though its kinda messy inside the bag... a trolley with a release button on top could do the deal 2... problem is you don´t see the amount of paint u r applying... i guess best would be carrying round an airmail packet... or something similar paperboy-suitup !! ill add some illustration later peaceout clrcdd

Stormed made it! (author)2006-08-01

:O That's a great idea! You could get one of the thick backpacks with a flap in the front. Empty out anything behind the flap and replace with stencil. Then, using something similiar to the "High-writer"(instructable) inside the backpack, press the can down and art it is.

Stormed made it! (author)2006-07-28

Ingenious idea! But it leaves me to wonder, sure for floors and such it's easy to be discreet, but what about walls? I saw Scurl!'s one with the paper bag and he suggested putting it against the wall. Doesn't that look a bit more suspicious than it should? I would love to hear any ideas about placing the stencil against a wall without the need to draw the slightest bit of attention.

paulgeering made it! (author)paulgeering2006-07-30

How about some sort of backpack mod so you could just lean back against a blank wall and then walk away from a piece of art?

Scurl! made it! (author)2006-07-28

yeah yeah, this guy's all big budget picture and whatnot LOL it is clearer though....damn.....

fungus amungus made it! (author)fungus amungus2006-07-30

Take it easy. Your title makes much more sense than his.

PetervG made it! (author)2006-07-28

Is it for grafiting?

fungus amungus made it! (author)fungus amungus2006-07-28

Yeah... for putting a stencil down on the sidewalk.

PetervG made it! (author)2006-07-28


fungus amungus made it! (author)2006-07-27

The same idea was recently done here:

But your picture is a much clearer explanation.

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