A playing card launcher that shoots cards 20 feet!

Step 1: What You Need

surprise it's your hands, well plus a rubber band.you need some playing cards also.(pokemon cards work better)

Step 2: How to Launch

Ok, take your thumb and your first finger and make a v shape.Then wrap the rubber band around your two fingers so you can pull it back.Now take a card and put the short side facing forward.Finally put the rubber band on the edge and then pinch, pull back, and let go.have fun.
That is pretty neat. You could probably make a game out of this somehow. Also, you say &quot;short side facing forward&quot; but the pictures show the long side forward. Unless I read it wrong. As an added tip, have the rubber band about a centimetre or so from the corner of the card. I did it too close to the corner the first time and it backfired.<br />
I highly suggest that you redo this instructable and be more specific next time.
why not just throw cards?
this is better
ok. i guess i'll try it.
Wanna trade pokemon?
singing fish on the wall in the bg...solid
that is the firing position.
you have to post some pictures of the firing position... -1
cool im gonna try this when i get home +
hi ich bin ein pyro, iv noticed uv left comments on most of the pages iv looked at (mindless chaos, at lowlow prices) im pretty new to instructables so do u have any suggestions of cool pages?
i dont know just something that looks cool to me

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