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Introduction: The Plant Pot

hello world,

please support & share our mission;

a smart plant pot that can e-mail you once thirsty, hot/cold, sleeping etc. charge it like a cell phone, no prior gardening, electrical or programming experience required.

-- project kits available --


update 8: wireless charging & solar skin 2.0 (in progress... follow for updates).


update 7: pot2 -


update 6:

update 5: new body proposal, stackable cubes

update 4: solar sking upgrade -

update 3: color change upgrade -

update 2: $4.50 wifi upgrade -

update 1 :The Plant Pot basic ( 9/16/2014 )



what? think of me as a smart plant pot that can let you know about your plant's condition. with the help of a microcontroller and sensors, the plant pot alerts the user about the plant's condition. it is connected to the cloud, so the user can control the plant pot remotely from any browsing capable device.


why? Plants are the building blocks of planet earth yet most people know very little about them. Or maybe you may be scared of not succeeding. some may just not have the time to always make sure their plants are healthy. Plants clean the air. They also naturally absorb negative energy in the air, giving off positive. So for a healthier planet, the plant pot is here to assure no plant fails.


how? the plant pot is an open source, non-profit instrument. unlike mainstream electronics/products (needing constant yearly model changes), the capabilities of plant pot is assured to be always at the highest possible level by the end users. the end user can either collect my parts him/herself and put together the plant pot on their own or make a donation to the plant doctor team and get one shipped to them worldwide (either as DIY kit or finished product).


the Plant Pot is happy to be here on planet earth, let's build !

Step 1: Frame & Electronics

I can be made from many different materials. currently I am made out of a plastic pot. My planned upgrade is a custom made clay pot.


Plant pot can be;

  • hand made with clay
  • cut out of existing plastic pot
  • can be 3D printed (last step for updates)


In my heart I am equipped with;

Step 2: Built in WiFi Plant Health Monitor

plant pot can be recharged/reprogrammed via usb. attached you can find the code.


Green means every condition is as needed for the current plant/strain automatically through our online database. the end user simply enters the plant type and age on the webpage

Yellow means plant is sleeping (no light) or fault in the lighting system, if the light is off during ON stage.

Red means the plant is too cold or hot depending on the season.

Blue means the plant is thirsty.


Once either of the sensors are triggered I can send an e-mail (tweet). The user can read my sensor data on the cloud.


visit for more information on cloud data management / sign-up

Step 3: Attention Needed !




alive & healthy

Step 4: History

Plant Pot - made on earth . 2014







Step 5: 3D Printed Body

update coming soon..

the illustrator file, is 6.35mm thickness design for the local cnc machine. it is much thicker than needed. 3mm should be perfect. will upload a thinner wall version soon.!



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    Add a pH sensor to measure the soil pH and update status with IOT so that it notifies when to add manure or change the soil.Then it will be the perfect upgrade :-)

    Hi, Akin How you charge your 18650 li-ion batteries...instead of 18650 batteries I have purchased 3.7v li-ion battrey,

    hi Akin, thanx for the charger... I m 3.7 li-ion battery(attached a pic below) for the esp8266-01 module to upload data on thingspeak...i was confused for the charging of this battery....