The Proper Care and Feeding Of...DOGS!!!




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Introduction: The Proper Care and Feeding Of...DOGS!!!

here is a complete guide to caring for dogs. This is my first instuctable so I apogize for the mistakes. this should really help you and your dog or dogs.

Step 1: Supplies and Care

Find out what kind of dogs do you have. You should make sure you know what kind of dog you have. Find out how much exercize, food, and rest. Buy the appropiate supplies and space for this dog. Lets say you just got a boxer, make sure you have lots of space for him to run and frolic.

Step 2: Get a Collar

YOUR DOG NEEDS A COLLAR!!!!! If your dog gets lost you need to have a name tag so with your name, address, and phone number. this will help if he gets lost.

Step 3: Play Time!!!!!!

make sure your new dog has time and space to play.


thanks for the supportr

(wow, I spelled support wrong.)



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    Not to be pedantic but your proper care and feeding of dogs intractable mentions nothing about feeding them :)

    Microchipping is a better alternative to collars. You can often get it done free or very cheaply here in the UK.

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