this is my magnificent amazeingly zany pumpkin that should be in front of a mental hospital i made this with 1 small pumpkin and 1 smaller pumkin
1 small pumkin
1 extra small pumpkin
1 carver or kitchen knife 
1 spoon

Step 1: Gutting the Pumpkin

all you do is grab the top of the small pumpkin and cut it off but save it and gut the insides and throw them out with the extra small pumpkin you cut it in half and gut the bottom part and throw everything but the small gutted pumpkin and the bottom half of the extra small pumpkin out it should look like this.

Step 2: Carving

just carve a zany face in to it and mine looks like this

Step 3: Pull It All Together

all you do is lay the half extra small pumpkin on the stem of the small pumpkin and thats your crazy pumpkin

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Bio: i like pie
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