My cycling has had to take a back seat for the last two months since the birth of my gorgeous twin girls georgie and grace. I was thinking about making a cargo bike like the ones on instructables. The only concern i have regarding the kids in front in the box is that all the cycle paths in my area have barriers to stop motorbikes from getting onto the paths which wouldnt let me get this design through. Having nearly given up on the idea i typed "two kids on a bike" into google and it came up with alot of pictures of different bikes. Scrolling through these images i stumbled upon a bike made long enough to have two cycle kids seats attached!!!! bingo!!!! I couldnt find anything like it on here so decided to not only make one but to write it up as an instructable. I soon found some suitable bike frames on ebay, locally for five pounds. I also did a rough sketch to get the idea straight in my head.

Step 1: Parts

The frames i got of ebay were a struggle to strip as they had been stored outside. To get the saddle post and bottom bracket cups out i had to weld pieces of scrap steel to them so i could unscrew them from the frame (i think the temperature of the welding has a cracking effect on the rusted up components). but eventually i had two strippped frames. I stuck two wheels on the frame to be the front to get the height right them a rear on the rear!!! After some placing next to each other and trying the seat i got from my brotherinlaw I rekoned that the rear frame needed to be 17 inches seat tube to seat tube. I marked this onto the frame and used a hole saw to cut through the frame. As it was a cheap saw it soon burnt out about halfway through each side. Now i used a hacksaw to chop off the head tube then finnish off with my angle grinder until i had a good fit onto the seat tube of the front frame.

Hey its me rtisdale the Chapstick is for medication and fuel
<p>This looks great. Looking forward to seeing more. Good luck.. It is something I would love to have.</p>
Cheers. I should be able to spend some time on it soon as work should be slowing down a bit!!!!.
thanks, i havent been able to spend any time on it lately due to work!!!!!!
Looks like its coming along nicely.

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