The Ultimate Knex Turning Gun





Introduction: The Ultimate Knex Turning Gun

This is the ultimate knex turning gun that fires just by turning a crank.

Step 1: The Parts:

This gun has a handle, a joint, a crank, a spine, 8 barrels, 8 firing pins, 8 triggers, a body, a window, an extender, and a firing bar.

Step 2: Pieces:


Green/black: 3
White/purple: 5
Dark blue: 26
Yellow: 9
Orange/red: 3
Grey/black: 2


Grey: 44
Orange: 22
red: 4
purple: 2
yellow: 9-15
white: 3


blue circles: 21 (Groups of 3 circles can be
replaced by a grey circle.)
Orange end cap: 1
Tan end cap/ lock: 1
small rubber bands: 8

Step 3: Make a Part

Make the body: Connectors: 2 white
Rods: 8 yellow

Step 4: Make a Part

Make part of the spine: Other: 1 tan end cap/ lock
Rods: 1 grey

Step 5: Attach Parts

Attach part of the spine to the body.

Step 6: Attach Pieces:

Attach pieces to the spine: Rods: 1 orange
other: 15 blue circles.

Step 7: Make a Part:

Make the joint: Connectors: 3 orange, 2 greys, 2 purple
Rods: 2 dark blue

Step 8: Make a Part:

Make the handle: Rods: 3 red
Connectors: 1 grey, 13 yellow(can have less than 13) 1 white

Step 9: Make the Handle: Rods: 3 Red

Attach the handle to the spine and then on the spine

Step 10: Attach Pieces:

Attach more pieces to the spine: Other: 6 blue circles You may have to squish the body.

Step 11: Make a Part:

Make the crank: Rods: 1 yellow
Connectors: 1 orange

Step 12: Attach Parts:

Attach the crank to the spine.

Step 13: Make Parts:

Make 8 barrels(only 1st shown and only pieces for 1 shown): Rods: 2 dark blue
Connectors: 5 greys, 1 orange

Step 14: Make Parts:

Make 8 firing pins (only 1st shown and only pieces for 1 shown): Rods: 1 dark blue
Connectors: 1 orange
Other: 1 small rubber band

Step 15: Attach Parts:

Slide the firing pins into the barrels. Put the rubber bands around the front.

Step 16: Attach Parts:

Attach the barrels to the body. Use an alternating pattern to decide what goes in front.
Slide the barrels to the front of the body as much as you can.
The orange connectors attach to the yellow rods.

Step 17: 17: Make and Attach a Small Part:

Make the extender: Rods: 1 white
Connectors: 1 grey
Other: 1 orange end cap

Step 18: 19: Make a Part:

Make the window: Connectors: 2 yellow, 4 red
Rods: 4 white, 3 green

Step 19: Attach Parts:

Attach the window to the extender.

Step 20: Attach a One Piece Part:

Attach the firing rod to the window and the joint.

Step 21: 22: Loading:

To place a green rod behind the trigger, pull the firing pin back. While the firing pin is back pull the trigger out. While you are holding both place a bullet in. After the bullet is in release the trigger and then the firing pin.

Step 22: Firing:

All you have to do is turn the crank. Turning the crank 45 degrees will fire one bullet. Turn it more and more bullets will be fired. Once the crank is turning one way do not turn it the other way.



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    don't put a box inside an other box, you can't read it

    I dont think he did. You can read all of them.


    basically all gatling guns take time to load..

    good but it takes agis to load

    great gun but i cud only make 2 bullet holder things but apart from that great