The V10 Drifter





Introduction: The V10 Drifter

About: i have been creating new and working stuff out of knex and have created a rc nitro powered knex car

i had funn building this



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    cool but is that wheel going to come off. Whenever i tried to position the wheel at a camber i failed , you have mastered the knex camber challenge.!! well done,

    and now i have a buggy coming along which i am working on

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    that looks really nice! 5* it reminds me of a mazda RX 7, is that what you based it on?

    a true RX 7 would have a wankle rotary engine (one of witch i will soon be posting) and yes this comment is only self publicity ;P

    I'm looking forward to seeing your RX 7 its nice that your having a go at building a car :D

    sorry maybe i worded that incorrectly i built a rotary engine that i will be posting an was just saying that it is the stock source of power for that particular vehicle but i will soon be posting a trophy truck and a custom dune jumper buggy and possibly extreme mod to the knex halo warthog on this site (i dont know who made it at the time) :( :D

    well I look forward to any of your creations :D

    i did a veilside rx7 from tokyo drift

    sent me pictures of this rx7

    thank you to all your comments and if only i took more pictures of the car i would have just givin them to you but i just put this car up like this to see what would happen and know i am amazed and encuraged to do more

    Could you make instructions for this please

    this one was one of my favourites because i had been working out new and improved parts to put on knex cars like this one has double wishbone suspension and a differentual running the front v10 knex engine but you have to push it so everything movies

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    Oh my god!!! you've beaten me to it! I was working on making an engine's pistons move while rolling it! I have tried for quite long now and it has never properly worked let alone suspension and steering! this is worth 5* easily!


    dont know i just built it and i dont know what it is