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this is my first Instructable so don't be too harsh. Anyways i saw all the duct tape wallets and decided to make an ultimate super awesome duct tape wallet that deserves the name "the wallet".

Step 1: The Stuff

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What u will need is some duct tape (alot) a pair of scissors, packaging tape thats clear,a pen, some cardboard, and a deck of cards(u just need the box not the cards)

Step 2: Giving It It's Shape

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first take the deck and the pen and trace 4 rectangles on the cardboard then cut them out. Make sure pretty much the same size if not trim them unless one is super small then just cut another.

Step 3: Tapeing Time

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now completely cover the squares with duct tape.

Step 4: Making the Straps

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OK this part is hard to explain so listen carefully. First take piece of duct tape thats about a foot long and lay it on the table sticky side up then take another piece the same size and lay it on top of the other one sticky side down so that each side is not sticky. After that cut the strip in half then cut the halves in half to make 4ths.

Step 5: Getting Started

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take two of the straps and lay them on a cardboard strap about an inch apart then tape them down.

Step 6: Almost Done

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this parts real easy take the other 3 squares and lay them down next to the square w/ the straps then tape the straps on each square indvulally. trim the extra thats hanging of the edge.

Step 7: Finnaly the Clear Tape!!

Picture of Finnaly the Clear Tape!!

this part is easy. Take some clear tape as long as one of the squares and then take another piece the same length and put it on top of that one just like u did with the duct tape. then take a small piece of duct tape and securer the piece of clear tape with that to the first square on the side where the straps are not.

Step 8: Almost There

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Take two straps and trim them to about 6 in. and put them on the next square in an x formation then tape them there. Now make a small piece of duct tape and put three smaller pieces on it then secure to the next square. (u might want to see the pic.)

Step 9: Ur Done Just Kidding

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once u put every thing in and stuff it may be big so put a rubber band around over night. also you have to fold it so the front and back sides are plain. Once the thing is all folded u have to tape one side and make a strap to hold it together


llamasoup (author)2013-03-06

Hunny you makeeeee me cryyyyy like a butterflyyyyyy
lllllama ppppotato

ninjasfly (author)2010-12-15

mine turned out way better i only used duck tape and a ziplock

saxophones (author)2009-06-16

clever idea. counfusing, but clever.

kibbler (author)2009-01-27

OK then, that's cool.

totallytape (author)2009-01-25

Cool! Making things out of Duck tape is always fun! If you have an iPod and want to give an iPod case a try you can download my step-by-step instructions here...

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