I love movies and had this star trek poster that my mother bought for me. So I look on this website to see how to make a back light for it, and with some tweaks to Timmyd_2's tutorial i created this little gem!! so go ahead and read on!!

Step 1: Start to Build

now go buy or check your poster you have to measure it's width and length min was 36 x 24" (i believe) now go get one 2x4 measure both 24" and 36" ( the 36" will now become 33 due to the 2x4 being 3" in width see picture) you will end up cutting the 2x4 in half to make a total of 4 pieces. now screw all 4 sides to make a rectangle. next fill in and knots of crack with puddy and let dry..... an hour later sand the puddy smooth and make the sides fit flesh with one another. next get black gloss paint and paint it up!
Slimguy379, you take love of movies and low cost DIY to an awesome level!<br>
does the florecent bulb not set the poster on fire?
florescents are very comparatively cool to other lights, i have not had that issue yet
oh yeah, thanks, do you think I could replace the bulb with a black light to make my Joker poster look more evil?
black light bulbs can be replaced with either the black light bulbs or white florescent so give it a try, not the look your going for? change it. post a pic though :)
I'm going to do something like this with my goonies poster. :P
This is pretty cool, I made one for myself and found all the cool Star Trek posters at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.startrekgiftshop.com/index.php?k=star+trek+movie+poster&amp;c=PO">http://www.startrekgiftshop.com/index.php?k=star+trek+movie+poster&amp;c=PO</a><br/> for those who like to know.<br/>
pleas post pictures...
i currently have a star wars attack of the clones, hanging up with a florescent bulb in looks good though I might invest in a sheet of plexi to pimp it out though. but for a total of 10 buck look good thanks for the link I'll post some pictures.
great poster backlight Instructable, can't wait to try it!
Very nicely done! I may do something very similar. Two questions 1. Where and how did you run your power wire? 2. Did you use TIN foil or ALUMINUM foil or does it matter if you use either?
looks like the power wire went out the bottom, (you can see it in the picture) and tin foil is just another word for aluminum foil, kinda the same product right? From what I gather anyway. Oh, btw, Great idea, Im making two of these for my theater room this weekend! thanks.
Oh wait I mean I give you 5 stars, for my style of material usage and a great idea.
BTW I give you a plus +.

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