this walking machine was invented by theo jansen. his models are about 2m tall, up to 15m long, and are powered by the wind. to see how to make this battery powered click here https://www.instructables.com/id/Battery-powered-theo-jansen-machine/

Step 1: Materials

balsa wood - 2 different sizes
pins - about 14 per set of legs
hot glue
stif wire
2 very small pieces of dowel - i used bbq skewers
small metal tube cut into 8 pieces ~ 1cm long

exacto knife
wire cutters
hot glue gun
drill and small drill bit
video!!! Looks cool. I have his book and dvd. Love his things. Yours, too :)
Does his book have any technical specs on them? Especially the more complex ones run on air pressure?
He shows quite a few close-ups of several of his creatures. There are specs on the leg geometry of the walking structures. However, I cannot find anything on the air pressure sensors you mention, darn it!
i didn't know he had a book or dvd. what are they called?
wow, good job!

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