Thermal Detonater





Introduction: Thermal Detonater

I just thought of this so don't be mad that it doesn't go boom.

Step 1: The Parts

you will need 16 small green or black rods

8 red corner conecters

2 snowflake conecters

3 blue spacers

16 2 slot conecters

1 yellow rod, I ran out of those

2 blue enders( optional, this is for pin)

Step 2: The Ends

just try to do what the pictures look like, make two of them

Step 3: The Conecters

once again use the pictures to make it, you'll have to do this for the rest of the project

Step 4: The Pin

put the blue ends onto the long rod

Step 5: Put It All Together



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    How is it a thermal detonator? Or a detonator at all?

    it took me like 5 minutes to build so i wasn't thinking about the detonation aspect

    Umm... Well, it actually looks kind of like the thermal detonators in Star Wars....

    Yes. Imagination. But C-4 helps it detonate...

    Well there you go then! There's a nice cavity for a good packet of C4 or RDX or so.

    if you figure out how to detonate it. tell me

    I remember from Return of the Jedi that the thermal detonator never actually "detonated". Is this similarly a weapon of deterrence? L