I just thought of this so don't be mad that it doesn't go boom.

Step 1: The Parts

you will need 16 small green or black rods

8 red corner conecters

2 snowflake conecters

3 blue spacers

16 2 slot conecters

1 yellow rod, I ran out of those

2 blue enders( optional, this is for pin)

Step 2: The Ends

just try to do what the pictures look like, make two of them

Step 3: The Conecters

once again use the pictures to make it, you'll have to do this for the rest of the project

Step 4: The Pin

put the blue ends onto the long rod

Step 5: Put It All Together

How is it a thermal detonator? Or a detonator at all?
it took me like 5 minutes to build so i wasn't thinking about the detonation aspect
Umm... Well, it actually looks kind of like the thermal detonators in Star Wars....
Imagination makes it detonate. :-P
Yes. Imagination. But C-4 helps it detonate...
Well there you go then! There's a nice cavity for a good packet of C4 or RDX or so.
if you figure out how to detonate it. tell me
I remember from Return of the Jedi that the thermal detonator never actually "detonated". Is this similarly a weapon of deterrence? L
They use 'em in the cloe wars series...
the live action ones.
actually its from the original star wars movies as well.
They never detonate the thermal detonators? Wow...
No, Leia (in disguise) used it as a threat (scared the willies out of C3PO...) L
But even in the first 3 (The new ones)?
Umm, I didn't really pay attention to those... L
this is my first instructable so dont get mad

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