Thing-a-day 2011 - SUCCESS!





Introduction: Thing-a-day 2011 - SUCCESS!

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Wow, that was crazy. I think I'll do it again next year. :D

And you should probably head on over to the site and have a look as well:

Day 1:
Rocket ship clock - made out of cardboard and acrylic paint. Actually made late last night on a whim, but since I finished after midnight, I called it good.

Day 2:
Sassy kitty embroidery. I sorta want to do a whole series of her. She makes me happy.

Day 3:
Recovered my kitchen chairs with fantastically on-sale oilcloth. Feeling pretty good that all of them match now - even if a couple had to be pieced together! :D Plus, I only had a 10x12 piece and some scraps left over from the yard. No waste, wooooo!

Day 4:
Thimble earrings! I inherited about 30 of these from my grandmother, and I never use them while sewing. I decided to make use of a couple of them. They jingle very slightly when I walk, too. Awesome.

Day 5:
Cat toys for Miss Didi. (look at her cute little paws, omg)

Day 6:

Day 7:
Sriracha and sweet potato fries. Prepping fabric for a dog bed, too. :)

Day 8:
Famous hair of The X-Files.

Day 9:
Sassy Kitty and I are both in bad moods.

Day 10:
Pieced together the top of Roscoe's new bed. :)

Day 11:
Love Bot made from scrap felt.

Day 12:
Hand printed a ton of valentines from a block of foam. Sore arms.

Day 13:
Sugar scrub - white sugar, honey, olive oil, cardamom... also made some trial fudge to go with the valentines.

Day 14:
Fudge was a bust. I spent the rest of day 13 signing and sealing valentine cards, and all this morning packaging candy into little bags. 26 cards and 26 bags of candy! Whew!

Day 15:
Made my first necklace! Buttons and embroidery floss.

Day 16:
Attempted to paint a trashcan, realized the spray paint for plastic sucks, made a catchy sign.

Day 17:
First impressive doodle in a long time. :D

Day 18:
Birthday party - made spinach & artichoke dip, refried bean dip and sides.

Day 19:
Started to decoupage a shelf.

Day 20:
Finished the shelf! :D It's covered in western paperback pages.

Day 21:
Slenderman doll draft... messing with making a pattern.

Day 22:
Dinner. Pasta, garbanzos, a red onion, three cloves of garlic, broccoli, red chile, cheese.

Day 23:
House remodel for Didi.

Day 24:
Embroidery of my horrible tooth. My wisdom teeth are finally coming in. I might die.

Day 25:
A rough day. Work was crazy, I was exhausted, so I simply embroidered the word that described all of it. :P

Day 26:
Pika needle book - now my needles won't be alllllll over. This is my second needle book.

Day 27:
Lunch. Chickpeas, peppers, onion, a thai chile, and bulgur. Sometimes I want happy food on dreary days.

Day 28:
Sewed up some potholders and made a how-to!



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    that is very good!!!! jessyratfink!!! keep up with the good work

    Very cool. trying to keep up with projects is insane.

    Very NICE....I would be lucky to get out "a thing a month" LOL

    Hey, they have buck yarn at my dollar store too!

    If you ever do the Sassy Kitty series, I should do one on the NachoMahma Doggy, chain-smokin, cuss-a-minute, flag-waving, free-spirited hound dog.

    Thank you! It is definitely one of my favorite things from this month. :)

    Thanks! I hope I will. :D
    I still have a lot of stuff I want to do!

    Thanks! I want to change out the hands to something more futuristic in the future. :)

    Thank you! Me too. Well worth a day and a half. :D