This Is a Lypsyl Cap Gun




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Introduction: This Is a Lypsyl Cap Gun

I dont know if their are other guns like this in this site maybe their is idk but i am going to show you how to make a gun out of lypsyl. rly any kind works. i also shot soft air balls in it this is a cheap 1 and the cap flew 20 feet and the airsoft goesl like 15 feet away

Step 1: Maretials

You will need 1 lypsyl and like 5 soft air balls. you don't need soft but i use them for a shot gun effect. and you will also need some thing to open the back of the lypsyl you will see.

Step 2: Making

This is to easy. if you cant do it then i think your dum o.0



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    now put one of these in a paper gun, and b00m! epic realistic cap gun!


    lol glade you like it.

    5d faved and i'll make if i can, but i don't have any lypsyl

    any kind of lypstick works

    cool. i can think of a spitball mod - poke a small hole in the end of the lid, tape the lid on, then put a spit ball over the hole, and shoot as normal.

    lol you mean like a straw in the hole to keep the spit ball?