Introduction: This Is My Truely Best Gun for Me I Like It the Most. for Now

Picture of This Is My Truely Best Gun for Me I Like It the Most. for Now

This is my automatic, semi , semy bolt action gun. its best at semi bolt action cause you have more power and accuracy. with a 5 round mag that worpside down

this gun shoots 7-25 feet

Step 1: Start Here.

Picture of Start Here.

do this . . . simple no?

Step 2: Cut and Adding for the Looks of Gun

Picture of Cut and Adding for the Looks of Gun

well the title said it will cut and make some adds on so the gun will have a bit of "the look" of and thin mg36 xD but without a scope cause you could not load this gun with that...

Step 3: Some Other Looks to Add on the 3 Tubes You Have

Picture of Some Other Looks to Add on the 3 Tubes You Have

make this to cover the 3 tubes you have for looks.

Step 4: Semi or Full Auto Part Mag~

Picture of Semi or Full Auto Part Mag~

make this so the bullets will drop in place like it should do. this is about all the gun all other stuff is for the looks and accuracy.

Step 5: Bullet Holder

Picture of Bullet Holder

do this so the bullet stay in place

Step 6: Hadle of the Gun + Sight

Picture of Hadle of the Gun + Sight

do this for the handle and sight

Step 7: Load and FIRE

Picture of Load and FIRE

load the gun and fire + make some bullet haha

cock backward 1 bullet will drop then cock it forwards and blow in your ram tube.

Step 8: How to Make the Bullet

Picture of How to Make the Bullet

start up with 1 small piece of paper.

roll it and put a tape it. (so now you have a tube).

take a small squared piece of scotch tape

put it on on 1 side of the bullet

tape on sides the 4 corners of tape then re take a longer piece of tape and rap it around the corners so their will be well tape ahh you will see for yourself.

And voila you did it well i think.... lol


sergio00 (author)2011-05-07

i´m going to make one.I´ll add it an extendable stock and a semi automatic mechanism

Undermig (author)sergio002011-05-10

lol kk

sergio00 (author)2011-05-07

i like it

davison112 (author)2010-01-15

the first time i made this, i failed with the bullet, now, i realized, you dont tape BOTH ends, jus one end.... I FAIL

darkstar510 (author)2009-09-16

nice gun, but i could not make a good bullet

armon (author)2009-06-10

holy snap thx i will post a link to the pic of the one i just made its awsome

Flash Gordon (author)2009-04-19

Thats awesome man

Undermig (author)Flash Gordon2009-04-19


Flash Gordon (author)Undermig2009-04-19


deathsithz (author)2009-04-18

the only thing i could ask of you is to make a tut of like the cylinder darts and the cone darts, but besides that perfect, i can't wait for your g3a3

Undermig (author)deathsithz2009-04-19

ok lol i will but just to tell you right now how to make cylinder darts is roll up a small paper. ok then tape it so you have now a cylinder that fits your gun perfectly and on 1 side only put a piece of scotch tape and fold the rest and also cut it.

Undermig (author)Undermig2009-04-19

go at step 8 it show you how to make 1

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