Picture of tiki darts
Fun and easy way to shoot darts.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
-1 pin with ball on end
-a pen or straw

And here I thought tikis were going to play a part in this....sorta disappointed

Cul but would normal string work?
i think you may have accadently hitten caps lock :P
bears05 years ago
 look up how to do that with shoe string
d2j56 years ago
wow i think i have all of this stuff lol it looks great
how far will this shoot
archer03828 years ago
that is kool u should make a whole bunc of darts and have compatition with friends
arie (author)  archer03828 years ago
already have.... it hurt... wanna see the scars
kibbler arie6 years ago
archer0382 arie8 years ago
i didnt mean shoot each other shoot at targets
outtokill6 years ago
thats pretty good man
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
rub on that one poison frog, and presto! a deadly weapon
it's awsome and it works!
turner227 years ago
there is a better way- take machine sewing needles and wrap post it cones on the back and blow them out of the pen tube. Super powerful and deadly accurate!
pcneifert8 years ago
i would try it but i don't have any ball needle things
i made some and put them in my peashooter and they will not stick in to the wall can you help? ;-}
In the instructable, you said don't blow cuz it will flip in the air...if you have something slightly stiffer than yarn, like mini feather flights (don't critisize) it might fly straighter and way farther
pyrofiro8 years ago
I tried making one but the paper wouldn't fold right, I wish i could make them though
pyro138 years ago
me and my friend made these and got so good that we could pin each other to the wal with them
i use a wooden pencil top though and its more realiable
looks like this...

|=pencil top with eraser still on

be careful(pssshhaw ya right) and have fun
arie (author)  pyro138 years ago
i've made those type before I found Instructable. This is just a little more portable
da man8 years ago
i cant get mine to work. the paper wont work properly. shame it looks so cool
arie (author)  da man8 years ago
if paper is not working use an eraser
da man arie8 years ago
thats a good idea. ill try it now!!!!!
da man da man8 years ago
it works really gud. any other gud ideas?
darkmotion8 years ago
Just dont breathe in.
turns out if you blow from a few feet away, it will stick into a cork bulletin board, or a pillow (maybe farther, havent tried)
sgtsock348 years ago