This instructable shows how to create paper models,
that glow when you turn them around.
The only thing you need is some simple electronics!

For this project i used a paper template of a diamond,
you can find them here: http://www.minieco.co.uk/paper-gems-new-templates/
Of course you can also create your own paper model.

The project will cost you about $5,
and won't take more than an hour.

Step 1: All You Need

These are the things you need:


- paper model
download a template here: http://www.minieco.co.uk/paper-gems-new-templates/
or create one yourself

- tilt switch
preferably one without mercury

- LED light
choose a color of your liking, make sure it works with 3V

- battery CR2032 3V

- battery holder for CR2032

- circuit board (custom or diy)
I fabricated a custom circuit board, send me a message if you want one too!


- scissors
and possibly a sharp knife to cut out small details

- soldering iron

- solder

- glue
any kind that works well with the paper you are using

- pliers
to trim excess material off your finished circuit

- glue gun (optional)
to mount the circuit inside the model

<p>I love it!</p>
<p>Nice joob!!!</p>
Very neat
Isn't that the AutoCAD picture?
<p>Hi, all pictures are real. Keep in mind that it has to be a little bit dark to see it glow that bright.</p>
<p>Thanks Satrek! Nice idea, i'm thinking about using an RGB LED for the next one.</p>
<p>Cool idea. Really simple, and loads of potential... Thanks for sharing!</p><p>You might even extend this by using, say, three different color LEDs with three different tilt switches and make a model that chances color depending on orientation.</p>

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