Introduction: Time Lord Head Dress

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In this instructable you'll learn how to build a time lord head dress and skull cap, another prop from the british tv show dr. who.

Step 1: Cut Out the Shapes

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just cut out the back and 2 of the fronts like they are shown below ( less jagged, of course ).

Step 2: Tape Them and Paint Them

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now just tape them together like so and pain the entire thing red.

Step 3: Add the Trimmings

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now take some form of golden trimming and glue it about the head dress as well as the insignia which were round pieces of fel i decorated with a sharpie ( i used the symbol of Rasillon but you can make your own ).

Step 4: And Done

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now you are done. but you can add shoulder straps to the inside to help it stay up. you can make the scull cap by wrapping a trash bag around the top of your head, covering it in red duct tape, and cutting out the high eyebrow areas.


pyromaniac123456789 (author)2014-02-14

My advice: DO NOT USE CORRUGATED CARDBOARD. it bends way too easily

leusher (author)2012-07-31

Nice job, can't wait to see Horus' next project

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