Did you know there are numerous patterns online that can be had for free?  You just download them.

I found a whole bunch here:  http://m-sewing.com/patterns-catalog/women/pants/dark-silk-pants.html.  Not all of them are there, but many many are.

Actually, once you've made the basics at least once successfully:  shirt, pants, dress, corset, hat, shoes, etc.  All you really need after that is just the cutting layout.  Many of them are constructed generally the same way

Having realized that, it opens up a gigantic deluge of possibilities.  For instance:  If you go here...  http://www.uri.edu/library/special_collections/COPA/index.php.  And just do a search of their sample database, they quite generously give you the cutting layout for everything, most of the time.  It's jaw dropping really.  Their database spans a vast dictionary of fashion from the late 1800s, through each decade, including my favorite, the 20s, right up to the very recent 2010.   Bless their hearts.  It is a subscription service of course, so if you want more information for a particular garment, you can choose from several subscription options all very reasonable, and I may do that if needed....  (Actually, I haven't quite figured out what it is you get with the subscription)

Let me demonstrate how using just a cutting layout, I can make a little pair of pants for a doll without further ado

Step 1: Materials

cutting layout - attached
sewing machine
1/8 yard of material suitable for dolls clothes:  anything with a very fine weave that drapes easily at small scale and wrinkles up nicely when you crinkle it, not too heavy.  Actually you only need half that much, but the smallest cut you can get at the sewing store is 1/8 yard which is 4 1/2" wide
seam ripper, aka the undo button
scissors sharpener (recommended)
one or two sets of hook and eye closures

a doll to be your mini-mannequin
This is soooo cool!!! WOW!
cool thx!!

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