Introduction: Tiny Storage Tubes

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hello readers!

this time i'll show you how to make these tiny little storage tubes for storing extremely small things

Step 1: What You'll Need.

Picture of What You'll Need.

plastic "Q-tips"
a lighter
a pair of pliers
and a sharp knife
or if you are a coward that doesn't like knives, a pair of scissors

(no offense to the people out there that dont like knives)

Step 2: The Cut Is Back!

Picture of The Cut Is Back!

cut the ends of one q-tip

Step 3: Bring on the Heat!

Picture of Bring on the Heat!

heat up one end of the q-tip and quickly squeeze it with the pliers

Step 4: Trim It

Picture of Trim It


use the knife to make the end look a bit nicer

Step 5: Toothpick Time

Picture of Toothpick Time

take one toothpick and cut it in half, then cut off most of the pointy end

Step 6: Allmost Done!!1

Picture of Allmost Done!!1

press the toothpick into the tube and cut it so about 5mm is sticking out

Step 7: Ur D0ne M8

Picture of Ur D0ne M8

now it's ready to use!

in this picture i put some spearmint seeds in it.

thanks for reading, see ya in my next in'able!


DaddysGal22 (author)2015-03-22

Seems like something someone would put drugs in

Atremise (author)2015-03-20

Very nifty. I'm thinking about trying my hand at gardening soon. May have to make some of these for the smaller seeds :).

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