Here is a project I realized for the third time.

order to make the mouse that I like, I wanted a module that you can integrate into all sorts of things ......

it is best to use a usb mouse cheap

Indeed, there are few components inside

just to spot components and their paths
then you must unsolder and replace directly on the optical component

the reflector is had paste below, taking care not to put too much glue cyanocrilate order not to damage the sensor

I used scraps of copper electrical that allow me to keep the LED in the right place (and like that it is firmly in place)

sometimes it is necessary pieces of wire to connect some of the ingredients

the advantage is that many components are common attachment

STOP-MOTION VIDEO of the project

the latest pictures, I made a horrible  WORKING mouse ..... thanks to my first module!

the interest of this thing and show that we can make a homemade mouse without a large base

I can not wait to see your ideas or funny steampunk mouse thanks to my module!

<p>what pops into my mind is somehow fixing this to a glove</p>

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