Picture of tired or people stealing your stuff? hide it!

people need places to hide stuff from people with sticky fingers robbers, sometimes parents(not recommened hiding stuff from parents), and anyone else who you dont want knowing u have these things. here in the following steps is how to make a aresol can with secret compartment. when following these steps be very carefull to not hurt yourself others or animals. i do not take responsibility or your actions of following these instructions.

Step 1: Great tools to help hiding your valuables in the aresol can

Picture of great tools to help hiding your valuables in the aresol can
items needed for hiding smaller items such as rings necklaces change and other small valubles.
 items you will need:
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks
an empty aresol (can perferably one you keep in your room alot such as air freshener.also the can needs to have a smll lip for your can opener to hold on with.}
a sall jar that will fit inside your aresol can.
 a box of tissues  or toilet paper will work if tissues are not available
can opener (you will perfer a specialty sideways can opener as to not destroy label  around   your can like i did)
a knife (this is to put a small hole into the can)

in the pictures i did no have the hot glue the hot glue gun or the can opener sorry about this i will show you in following steps the hotglue parts with super glue instead i still highly recommend hot glue over superglue.plus i have this project premade

nuckthebuck (author) 5 years ago
thanks for the tips im going to try to learn gimp or photofiltre i have had no expierience with photo shop type stuff, im not going to redo pictures but maybe put in more detail. i am about to do a ible similar to this one. this time im going to be more specifi and hopefully have better pictures. have fun making your projects.
eygen5 years ago
I can read what you're doing but if I had to go by the pictures I'd be clueless. If you take good pictures in daylight you may not even need software to enhance them. It's a good hiding place but probably something I'd forget.
nuckthebuck (author) 5 years ago
thanks is this program free?
> is this program free? . Google is your friend. . . . GIMP should do the job and it's free.
rimar20005 years ago
Please, upload all photos to a free image editor, as PhotoFiltre for example, and increases the gamma factor. They will improve dramatically!