Step 4: Putting a Hole in the Can

now take off the nozzle usually white or red ( in case you do not understand its the part you press in to let contents out of the can).now take the knife and put a smal hole into the can underneath where the nozzle was. becareful this is the most dangerous part of  the project.
i am sorry there is no great picture for this because i premade it i hotglued lid to can before thinking about making video.
thanks for the tips im going to try to learn gimp or photofiltre i have had no expierience with photo shop type stuff, im not going to redo pictures but maybe put in more detail. i am about to do a ible similar to this one. this time im going to be more specifi and hopefully have better pictures. have fun making your projects.
I can read what you're doing but if I had to go by the pictures I'd be clueless. If you take good pictures in daylight you may not even need software to enhance them. It's a good hiding place but probably something I'd forget.
thanks is this program free?
> is this program free? . Google is your friend. . . . GIMP should do the job and it's free.
Please, upload all photos to a free image editor, as PhotoFiltre for example, and increases the gamma factor. They will improve dramatically!

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