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Introduction: Tnkit Round 3 Cj81499's Entry

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This is my entry for the TNKIT Round 3. It is a can  dispenser.



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    Or I get mah K-Sayer! N mah SRV2!

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    it is long gone but if u can build it u can post and give your self 50% of the credit

    This may have the best dispenser mechansim that I've seen, now work on its appearance. It would look nice if it was more closed in.

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    i would but i am going to take it apart soon

    How about an upgrade in how many cans it can hold? You can't hold very many in a vertical system, unless you attach it to the roof or walls somehow.

    Other than that, I think it's a winner.

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    i would but i dont have enough pieces unless i take apart my gun

    Not even just to start a pattern that all you do is repeat it to make it taller?

    well i could proably but im too lazy anyway plus i am planing on takeing it apart unless 5 people ask for post

    within a couple of days

    You got a "Nice one." from DJ Radio! The person who hates EVERYTHING good!
    So this must be fantastic!

    I don't hate everything.  I like ibles, knex, good knex projects, and games, and lots of other stuff.  I just hate more stuff than like.

    can hold soda but thats about it

    I like it.

    Lol, you used tomato soup as a can :-)

    nice! 5*