Picture of tnt halloween costume
This is my diy halloween costume.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
For this project you will need to get:

1x Some Cardboard boxes (that will be bigenough to fix over youe head and shoulders)
1x self splicing rope 50cm long
1x corex cardboard (only half as thick as normal cardboard and is only go one side on it) long enough to go around the circle that will be the head peice insert
3x christmas lights
3x leds
1x toggle switch
1x 2 aa battary holder
1x 3 or 6 pin jumper plug (male)
1x 3pin female plug
1x two pole switch
1x lots of wire to link things
lots and lots of hot glue (my best friend)
Wood glue
Red Paint and Black Paint

Step 2: Phase one (the head peace)discription

Picture of phase one (the head peace)discription
in this phase we will be making the head peace .
this is the peace that rests on your head and holds the rest of the costume in shape .

Step 3: The circles

Picture of The circles
For this step you need a box that is big enough to go over your sholders
this will ensure that ihe circles ae big enough to enclose your entire body.

No you need to work out the centre of the box this is so you can draw the circles in the centre of the box

you will need a ruler and a pencil

Step 4: Making the circles

Picture of Making the circles
In this step you will be making the head peace incerts

you will need A pencil , string , tape , a nail.

1 tape the pencil to the string .
2 measure the distance from the centre to the side , this will be the radius of your circle.
3 measure the same distance from the tip of the pencil to a point on the rope .
4 knock a nail threw the rope at that point
5 now you have a compass
6 push the nail into the cardboard at the centre mark and make an arc around the cardboard to make a circle

Step 5: Cuting out the circles

Picture of Cuting out the circles
In This step you will be cutting out the circles

using a trim knife cut carefullly on the arc to cut out the two circles