Picture of toilet paper costume
This costume will not take you longer than 30 minutes. You will be a roll of toilet paper. People will laugh. It will cost you around $35.

Step 1: What you Need

Picture of What you Need
Two packs of foam sheets, 24" x 96" x 1" They cost about $15 each.
1 black sharpie
1 Large safety pin

UPDATE: After wearing this costume for about 8 hours straight, I recommend forgoing the velcro and using one giant safety pin on the outer layer. The velcro was fine for just standing around, but when truly put through the paces, the velcro wasn't robust enough. I put a large safety pin through the outermost two layers and it worked all the rest of the night.
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jdukes13 years ago
I could not find white foam anywhere so I used quilt batting instead. It turned out quite nice. I did wear a tube top underneath to prevent nipple slips and added the wig just because I had it. Thanks for the idea....
dr_peru7 months ago

I love it :)

dhuiedog4 years ago
Great project. Do I detect a nipple slip in the last photo?
I think that's the top of the velcro you saw
I was thinking I saw the same thing. The right one in the pic. of her running. LOL
maybe with a little modification
Several years ago, I made this costume for my husband for a variety show for that Schoolhouse Rock tune, "I'm Only a Bill . . ." We used the same type of foam, only a wider piece to cover his face. We tied a big red piece of fabric around his waist and cut out a hole for his face to peek through. We made the red, white, and blue seal (circular thingy) out of a painted paper plate. It was great, as he was really tall, and it looked hillarious on stage with the music and everything. Never thought of toilet paper!! Good idea, schmeese!!
its supposed to be smoking...
lbrown104 years ago
Where did you get the foam sheets?
McChibster4 years ago
I enjoy this probably more than you could ever know...
Thank you for brightening my day, sir. :D
It's the business socks that make it that kind of extra special!
So agree! Black business socks with sandals and a nip slip. what more do you want?
wncranger4 years ago
Fantastic costume! Great idea and with a little modification you can become a scroll, a bill, a rolled up newspaper, etc. I love it!!!
Germy5 years ago

So, if you go to a Halloween party, what will your date be dressed as?

Germy Germy5 years ago

dodo91 Germy4 years ago
lolz makes sense
cordale Germy4 years ago
i agree
TexasB Germy5 years ago
 Good one!
What if you go naked and someone tries to unroll you?

Then it's party time.
mazorx4 years ago
cool man!
baileygrib4 years ago
Are you naked?
She is sooo hott.
I think she is
Everyone is naked under thier clothes . LOL

Great project schmeese ! Definitely a KISS costume . Keep It Simple Stupid , my favorite kind of project . Some flesh colored shoulder straps could be used by the less daring .
acidbass5 years ago
 awesome love it 
tmboyd5 years ago
Thank you for this instructable! You are awesome and your imagination is also awesome. Hopefully you did not have to take too much sh%t for it.  ;)
bd55 years ago
oh god--that's great.   Sometimes the simplest designs are some of the coolest!  Great Instructable!
ny31036 years ago
No one else sees the irony that the foam is called "Morning Glory"?
ANTQNUT ny31035 years ago
arturo_mc5 years ago
 is it my imagination or you can see her nipple? xD
eeeeew, yeah I see it too...............that is a perverted costume
lol, i'm pretty sure thats a mans nip......
applestone (author)  xXxGoatGirlxXx5 years ago
i'm a chick and it ain't a nip!
if it was, im sure she would have removed the pic.
Bigev mrdepo965 years ago
It's the end of the black velcro, I imagine.
piperjon5 years ago
Awesome!!  This made me giggle for about 10 minutes before I could post my comment.  Keep up the ingenuity! - Pj
dini1235 years ago
 How did you attach the 2 sheets together? safety pin? how did you roll it tightly? Sigh
Bigev5 years ago
I honestly couldn't stop giggling at this. It's unique, easy, and doesn't need explaining.

The only con to it would have to be awkwardness. It looks a bit cumbersome to walk in.

Other than that, great! I'll give it a 4.5*
Wolfix5 years ago
 Even radder than your costume is the fact that you are FOONING!  You rock.
rickick5 years ago
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