Picture of toilet paper tube airsoft gun silencer
Hello, this instructable is on my way of making a silencer for my kjw 1911a1.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts

1 Toilet paper tube
1 6x6 in. sheet of cardboard
1 Bottle of superglue
1 Scissors
1 Pencil
1 double sided tape



Step 2: Cutting circles

Picture of Cutting circles
Get your tube and trace out the diameter on to the cardboard four times. Cut them out and glue three of them together and save one

Step 3: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
2011-04-22 23.08.58.jpg
2011-04-22 23.28.36.jpg
2011-04-22 23.29.42.jpg
2011-04-22 23.30.15.jpg
2011-04-22 23.30.45.jpg
Now you make a hole in one end of the circle on the thicker one that fits snugly over the tip of your barrel and an even bigger hole in the thin one.You then put the thicker one in one end and glue it in. Make sure it fits snugly. Then you put the thin one in the other end and glue it in. 

Step 4: Putting it on

Picture of Putting it on

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish
Thats how you make a silencer out of a toilet paper tube for an airsoft gun.

Note: This is a MOCK silencer, it wont quiet your gun.