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Tool belts are typically worn by people working in the field who need a place to keep their tools easily accessible in case they need them. Tool belts come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you're doing, and are a handy place to keep tools which are commonly used when working. This project is a twist on the typical tool belt, aimed at crafters and makers, allowing you to centrally store many tools out of the way yet still in easy reach.

This tool belt is able to hang some of my commonly used corded-tools above my workspace, such as soldering iron and glue gun. It's also able to hang extension cords, safety goggles and almost anything with a handle or hook.

Using an old belt and some plastic grommets you can hang your crafting tools vertically when not in use and free up some much-needed space on your workbench, this tidy solution keeps your tools as close as you like and is an alternative to a peg-board or shelf storage.

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Enough talk, let's belt up some tools!

Step 1: Tools + materials

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This project requires minimal supplies, except for the belt I found all mine at the dollar store. The belt used in this project is leather, the grommets are plastic.

  • drill
  • drill bit (1/2")
  • utility knife
  • hammer
  • old belt
  • grommets ($dollar)
  • S-hooks ($dollar)
  • eye bolt ($dollar)

Safety Warning:
Ensure belt selected is in suitable condition to hold light-moderate weight. Cracked/splintered leather belts are not recommended as they may fail when hanging tools.

80$man3 years ago
Great way too keep tools out of reach of the short people... :P
sarawelder4 years ago
this is just what I needed over my workbench! I have tons of old leather belts as I use them for lots of things.thanks!
esker124 years ago
great way to use leftover belts, very handy as well. As usual very innovative.

Good work