this is a compact wearable torch ring with very affordables price and size

just wear and if in dark click the switch!!

Step 1: Collect Materials

take 3 button cell holder

3 button cell according to holder



double sided tape

small switch

Step 2: Joining

complete the circuit of led switch and battery

Step 3: Making Ring

our ring is made up of elastic for easy adjustment

join the circuit propery with double sided tape

and join it with the ring

make ring of elastic and join with stapler

Step 4: Checking Size

check the whole size and join permanantly the whole ring

Step 5: Checking Strength

check the proper working and strength of ring

Step 6: Here We Go!!

and press the switch

<p> similar ! but cheaper !</p>
<p>it's a what to make those finger lights</p>
<p>thank u</p>
nice job

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