These crispy, sweet flat breads are incredibly moreish and every so easy to fall in love with. Ever since I first tried them in Spain several years ago I get regular cravings for them. You can get them over here but they're so expensive that they're difficult to justify. However, I have recently found out how to make them for myself and I can't believe how simple they are. With a straight forward method and cheap ingredients there's no doubting that these tasty treats are going to be making a regular appearance in my house. If you can get your head around a simple bread dough you'll have no difficulty with these. The literal translation is 'oil cakes' but that doesn't sound as good as the Spanish original. My understanding of their history is that they are a traditional sweet from Seville in southern Spain but are now enjoyed all over the world.

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Step 1: Ingredients

These quantities give you around 22 biscuits

100ml of olive oil
large pieces of lemon zest from a whole lemon (or equivalent amount of orange/clementine/tangerine zest)
1 tbsp aniseed (I couldn't get hold of any so used fennel seeds - I reckon you could also use fresh or dried rosemary for a different but equally yummy flavour combo)
1 tbsp sesame seeds
360g plain flour
20g fresh yeast*
80ml warm water
20ml anise (I used ouzo but use what aniseed flavoured alcohol you have to hand or increase the quantity of water)
30g sugar
pinch of salt
Beaten egg white and granulated sugar for finishing.

*My yeast comes in 50g blocks. So I used the other 30g to make my cardamon bread.

<p>Te quedaron bien </p>
<p>Hmmm looks like the real ones. A great recipe. I'll try it. Did you try on your trips to Spain the Olive Oil Tortas from Vegajardin? I love especially their Lemon and Cinnamon Olive Oil Tortas and some Fine Herbs Tortas with rosemary, thyme and parsley ... take a look at http://www.vegajardin.com/tortas-de-aceite-60 if you are curious. </p>
Looks delicious! You have my vote!
Awesome. Thank you!
<em><strong>I Love these flatbreads.</strong>..looks soooo gooood......</em>
Thank you! I'm just wondering when to make them again.
In Mexico these are called bu&ntilde;uelos. But they're made with something else called piloncillo to sweeten it up, I think <br>
ooh that sounds interesting. I'll have to look them up
Alcal&aacute; de Guada&iacute;ra and Utrera. <br>Remember these town names the next time you taste this kind of &quot;cake&quot; ;) <br> <br>One -official- variant is adding small pieces of almond at the end, after brushing with egg -to help them to &quot;glue&quot; to the bread-.
Thanks! The added almond sounds lovely.
Ohhhhh yummy. These sound fantastic. :D
They are! Glad you like them.
looks sooooo goood!!!
Thank you!

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