Step 3:

Combine the yeast and the warm water until thoroughly mixed. Put the remaining dry ingredients in a large bowl, make a well then pour in the water and oil (once cooled).

Mix together until you have a rough dough then turn out on to the counter. Flour the surface if needed then knead the dough until smooth and silky.

Place the dough in a large bowl, cover with cling film and a clean tea towel then leave for around an hour until it doubles in size.

<p>Te quedaron bien </p>
<p>Hmmm looks like the real ones. A great recipe. I'll try it. Did you try on your trips to Spain the Olive Oil Tortas from Vegajardin? I love especially their Lemon and Cinnamon Olive Oil Tortas and some Fine Herbs Tortas with rosemary, thyme and parsley ... take a look at http://www.vegajardin.com/tortas-de-aceite-60 if you are curious. </p>
Looks delicious! You have my vote!
Awesome. Thank you!
<em><strong>I Love these flatbreads.</strong>..looks soooo gooood......</em>
Thank you! I'm just wondering when to make them again.
In Mexico these are called bu&ntilde;uelos. But they're made with something else called piloncillo to sweeten it up, I think <br>
ooh that sounds interesting. I'll have to look them up
Alcal&aacute; de Guada&iacute;ra and Utrera. <br>Remember these town names the next time you taste this kind of &quot;cake&quot; ;) <br> <br>One -official- variant is adding small pieces of almond at the end, after brushing with egg -to help them to &quot;glue&quot; to the bread-.
Thanks! The added almond sounds lovely.
Ohhhhh yummy. These sound fantastic. :D
They are! Glad you like them.
looks sooooo goood!!!
Thank you!

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