I'm going to show you how to make a relatively easy dinner/lunch food.
Its very filling and fairly big. theres a brief video to give you better understanding of how to do it.  


Step 1: You Will Need

you will need the following ingredients:                             and the fallowing cooking tools.

 1. Large tortilla                                                                             1. 2 table knifes. 
2. onion                                                                                          2. 1 sharp knife 

3. Grey Poupon Dijon mustard                                                    3.  2 forks

4. mayonnaise                                                                                       4.  toaster oven/broiler 

5. spinach artichoke Parmesan spread                                                    

6. Hummus

7. 2 slices of pepper jack cheese

8. Pepper

9. Crumbled bacon/bacon bits

10. Broiler

Step 2: Step 1

first get out all of your ingredients, then start your toster/oven to broil. leave the pan in the oven to pre-heat. 
get out 1 large tortilla and fold it in half, make a visible line but don't break it.

Step 3: Step 2

 Unfold and spread grey poupon and mayonnaise on one half of the tortilla.
 Then spread a thick-ish-thin layer of hummus on that same half fallowed by ground black pepper corns. oh yah, don't forget the bacon bits.

Step 4: Step 3

 Fold plain half of tortilla over into a half moon.
 On one side of that spread the artichoke Parmesan (vary thinly), than place thin sliced onion rings over lapping each other like a Venn diagram.

Step 5: Final Step and Video

Fold in half, put in broiler until nice and toasty. eat and enjoy!
i'm gonna try this looks good :)<br><br>~Sergius :) (Hannan)
aeray, I swear you sound like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. :)
well I look nothing like him.
Looks tasty. Here are a few spelling corrections. Interestingly, all the misspellings were actually words, but not the word you intended. It seems to me that you made an effort, so here is a bit of assistance in making your Instructable better:<br><br>(from the top)<br>you wrote - should be<br>vary filling - very filling<br>union - onion<br>gray poupon Diego mustard - Grey Poupon Dijon mustard<br>manias - mayonnaise<br>fallowing - following<br>brake - break<br>vein diagram - Venn diagram<br>han - and<br><br>Good luck! <br><br>
No problem, it's looking much better already. You still need to correct some of the words in the various steps, but the corrections are for the same words I already mentioned, like followed and mayonnaise in step 3/2.
thanks. I think I got them all now.
let me know if there are any spelling problems.
sorry i cant get the video to embed.

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