Picture of toy gun light
in this instructable i will be showing you how to bring a new use of a old toy gun into a light
it may look a bit messy but i do not have a glue gun
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Step 1: Gathering mattirials

Picture of gathering mattirials
you will need 
a led (color is your choice)
wire (also colour is your choice)
a toy gun 
a dimmer switch (optional)
and a push switch
resistor if needed
soldering iron and solder could be found use full but not needed 
electrical tape
wire cutters 
wire strippers

Step 2: Prepare the circuit

Picture of prepare the circuit
you need to set up the circuit as shown bellow but you could swap the place of the dimmer and the compression switch 

but remember test the circuit before you put it onto the gun

Step 3: Placing onto the gun

Picture of placing onto the gun
if you don't have a glue gun you will what to use a lot of insulation tape to hold it all down

Step 4: Finished but is it ....

you could make the wires hidden or add more leds or even have it with lasers or you could have a switch and you have a reading light